The first time I held my baby - Life Changed

Date Of Release: 2019-02-15
Written By: Growin Dad

The first time I held my baby - Life Changed

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My wife went into labour at 3.00 am on a rather cold morning of January 2019. Now all was as normal as it could be and the baby was expected to arrive by the evening. But halfway in labour due to few reasons, our gynaec suggested that the baby be removed as quickly as possible to avoid any danger and we, new and scared set of parents, agreed. Within half an hour, our little one was out and crying.

The nurse brought my baby to me outside the operation theatre. The tiny little thing looked lost, confused and scared. To be honest I was more scared than him. Do I hold him? What if I hurt his tiny body? What if I drop him? I dont know the right thing to do!

Then came the nurse to my rescue, trying to teach me to hold my baby. But to her experience not letting go of the little one; I'm sure she has seen many lost dads like me before.I patiently waited a few more minutes to go see my wife. Seeing the baby was a very overwhelmig. 

However it was not until later in the night, when I was alone with my wife and my baby. And ofcourse I had to be of little help, considering the ordeal my wife went through, I had to pick up the little one when she cried,. And cradel her, becasue thats what everyone was doing. A few seconds passed by at a successful attempt of holding her right enough and knowing that I wont let anything go wrong.

I knew my life had changed, it just needed to. After a few moments of disbelief on the fact that I could create such a beautiful human being, came the realisation that the world could be dangerous and my baby needed to be protected, becasue she was too fragile and too small to be true. 

My eyes welled up and I held my baby tighter. 

Of one thing I was sure. I will do all in my power to protect my child and raise her to be an independent and strong person. Numerous other thoughts rallied in my mind, all in that one minute.

They say becoming a father is the most beautiful feeling. True. But it is also very scary. The fear of the child's safety grips you as soon as you lay your eyes on the baby. 

So even though I will always live with that fear. Cheers to the many joyous moments we will experience with the baby!

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