The Son who went to the Battlefield

Date Of Release: 2019-02-16
Written By: Growin Dad

The Son who went to the Battlefield

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Being a soldier is the biggest uncertain job, there is. The uncertainty is not about the job, income or designation, but of death. It takes great courage to enroll for a career that could take your life. And an even bigger heart to send your loved ones for it.


These soldiers with gun in their hands consider dying on the border while fighting for their country as martyrdom, as love for their nation. Something they are always ready for. With smiles on their faces and hope of return; they go towards death; without a warning, with only one reason.


Death is an ordeal for ones they leave behind. How would the family erase the memories of a person they are still waiting for? How would they not expect to see his name flash on their phones? How would those eyes not search for his son? How would he ever prepare himself to look into her eyes and tell his mother about the loss so deep that it couldn’t be put in words? How would he look at himself, for he promised those hands they are safe. How would the man who stood still as a rock behind them all, carry his dead son with those trembling feet?


For we remember those who die at the border are also somebody’s son. And they will always be missed by their family, mother, father, kids, brothers, sisters, friends and a million relations which are now a distant memory.


But there is one more relation that will never forget them; that is the one they ‘have’ with their country. For this does not die with them, it only multiplies in the hearts of thousands more who take their places with a same gun, different name, a broader smile. Another Son, another soldier walking towards death

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