Role of Dad into the lives of their children

Date Of Release: 2019-05-17
Written By: Dr. Snehal , Ergogene.

Role of Dad into the lives of their children

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A leader, supporter, mentor, friend, critic, inspiration and what not. He is the provider of every possible thing which you need, start from your birth till his last breath. He makes sure that you get the best of everything. He becomes “dad” when you come into the world and changes his whole life. He is the backbone of the family who seldom shows his real feelings and emotions, because in our society, it is expected that he should be strong in all ways and always. He does all those things which can’t be easily seen but that puts a huge impact on your life.

Yes, he is none other than Father/Dad/Baba/Abba/Appa. There are myriads of the name for him but there is just one emotion i.e. Love and respect.

In our early childhood, the word “Dad” used to be the synonym for respect and someone your mom will complain to, about all the bad things you did. He used to act as a corrector to your actions and make sure you do your best. But as you grow, the word “Dad” transforms into a “Friend”. He becomes that one person who shows the world to you and teaches you how to handle it. Also, he wears your shoes and sees the world through your eyes. Because for him as well, this is an entirely different phase. The challenges and adventure that you face in your life, he may or may not have seen it in his time but he surely is ready to give you an apt advice how to tackle it without messing things up. And whenever you mess things up, you know that you have someone strong in your life to back you up and who will never give up on you.

At a young age, your all firsts whether it be the first word, first step, first anything .. is also his all firsts with you as a dad. He handles you like a precious delicate glass to whom he will not let a single scratch happen.

Fast-forward 30-some years later and your relationship is obviously different?—?not just by virtue of age or circumstance, although that’s certainly part of it. He is still your father and you are still his son/daughter, but more than that, he’s become a great friend who is the source of many of your
fondest memories in life.

You share a fascination with an appreciation for a delicious beer or amazing scotch. You’re similarly disheartened by the current political state of the country, and you’re happy to commiserate about it while sipping on a few of those aforementioned rums. And there is a lot of it.

So yes, time change – life change but the bond between child and father just becomes stronger and stronger. Where ultimately you become his father and treat him like a child. But I am sure, you both enjoy this phase as well, coz he knows that you will take care of him, as he took care of you.

Dr Snehal

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