Redefining Achievement

Date Of Release: 2019-07-25
Written By: GrowinDad

Redefining Achievement

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Achieving something makes everyone happy, be it a promotion at work, cracking a new recipe or just setting your wardrobe right. All of these can make you happy. But what happens when you expect others to achieve something, especially kids?

This is what we will discuss today. It is no secret that most parents have a long list of expectations from their kids - from excelling in studies to excelling in life, and everything in between. The child is expected to adhere to the achievements that the parents think are important.

What you, as a new millenial father, need to understand is - let your children chose their goals, achieve them and enjoy the process. Don't take away this basic yet fundamental right every child deserves. 

For example, if a child has successfully learnt a poetry, it is a big achievement for him/her. Their hard work has paid and they rejoice, often wanting to share it with you. Now, most parents tend to make the child recite that poem in front of every friend and stranger that walks in your door. The child soon loses interest and the joy of learning something new fades away, just like that. 

Let your children's achievements remain theirs. Even when they have grown up and are on the cusp of adulthood. Forcing your kids into achieving what you think is right is not only wrong but also cruel on your part. 

Let ambitions and goals not be a competition but a joyous journey that your child achieves with you on their side. 

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