Fitness Tips for Busy Dads

Date Of Release: 2019-05-22
Written By: Fahad Maniar

Fitness Tips for Busy Dads

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Being a dad isn’t an easy job and, although society has made us feel redundant in our role as a father in our children's lives, we know just how important our roles are to being a positive role model for our children

We will be the estimation of masculinity for our boys to aspire to and our daughters to expect.

Our relationship with our wives and partners will also set an example to our children.

But one relationship often gets overlooked…

The relationship we have with ourselves.

Let’s be honest, life is busy!
As men, we take our responsibility to provide seriously and even though we live in a world of equality where the women folk do their fair share of the production of income, finding time for ourselves become difficult (Even the women will attest to this one)

But, let’s be honest.

We all know we want to be a better example for our children and we need to also be a better example for them in terms of their health.

No parent wants their child to grow up with health issues.
No parent wants their child to grow up not living up to their full potential and being confident…

Yet, when I talk to so many dads who are out of shape.

They lack self confidence
They lack energy
They sleep crap
Feel crap
And some of them feel lost and depressed because they don’t know how to change.

Ultimately, we become poor role models for our children. Our relationships with our partners suffer and we fall into a sea of despair.

And we use time as the reason we can’t get fitter.

But don’t give up hope. There are options…

1) Join the Early Riser club! - Okay, I get some resistance from some men about this one, After all what if you’re not a morning person? I’ll be honest, this one isn’t for everyone and I am not saying it is a must to be a morning person but for most of you reading this who are busy dads, getting in your workouts first thing in the morning by waking up an hour or two earlier is the best thing you can do.

Why? Not only do you get to cram in your workout uninterrupted but you set yourself up for a great day (ever felt in a great mood after a workout?), You’ll also create a mindset of discipline! It’s a win - win - win situation!

2) Make it a family affair. If there are sports you or your kids are into, play with them. Don’t be a dad that spectates or is on their phone when you could be playing with them. Not only do you keep fit but they do too and you bond by spending quality time with them.

3) Manage your time. Look, we all have 24 hours in a day and people busier than you still fit in their workouts. How? They prioritise them in their diary. They make the time and they make it non negotiable.

4) Do it when everyone’s asleep. This isn’t as ideal as doing things first thing in the morning. Training before you go to sleep is not the best thing for rested sleep due to heightened levels of cortisol and adrenaline but it’s better than no exercise at all

But whatever tip you choose to follow, you and I can both agree to one thing. When you’re healthier, more confident, more energetic and happier, everyone around you, especially your wife and kids benefit!

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