Be a Great Dad despite your busy Schedule!

Date Of Release: 2019-07-25
Written By: GrowinDad

Be a Great Dad despite your busy Schedule!

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A busy work schedule can make it difficult for you to remove a good amount of time for your kid. Lack of family time can also hamper your relationship with the child, leaving you with the guilt of not being a great dad.

Here are a few pointers that will help you bring the balance between being the great dad who is not only respected,  but also feared when required.


1. Spend Quality Time:

Everyone needs some quality time with their loved ones. Children, in particular, learn and adapt faster and enjoy their childhood if their parents spend some quality time together each day. 

Now, let's be clear here. Quality and quantity are different. You can spend hours with your child and still not bond well. Quality time means getting involved with the child, even if it is for just half an hour a day. Become a child with the child and he/she will love and respect you his/her entire life.


2. Be The Go To Person:

You must be the go to person for your child. This trust in the relationship is built over sometime. Lambasting a kid for things that are passable will only take your child away from you. 

Assure your child that you will stand by him/her no matter what happens. This will give the child enough confidence to confide in you. 


3. Punishment...when required

Punishment is required at times when the child goes over board. But make sure you reprimand only for things that are utterly unacceptable to you. The punishment though should never be corporal. Wrong kind of punishment sends the wrong message. The child will then deter from doing something because of the punishment and not because the act itself is wrong. 


 Also, keep in mind that children need to learn through mistakes too. Let them make mistakes and learn from their experiences. 


4. Don't try to be perfect

Fathers want their children to believe that they are perfect. They also expect their kids to try to become like them. Both of these are overrated and often become a hindrance in the father-child relationship.

First, you need to accept that nobody is perfect and then make your child understand this too. It's okay to make mistakes, to flounder, to be naughty, to make silly mistakes. 

Pressurizing your child to be perfect will only force them to hide things that may not suit your pallette. 

Taking in all these together might seem difficult, but it's not. Every child and every parent is different. Spending some quality time with your baby will help you understand him/her better and enable you to act accordingly. You will, on your own, be able to decide how you must deal with your kid.


So enjoy being a great father and happiness will follow.

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