Be There For Your Kids

Date Of Release: 2019-01-19
Written By: Growin Dad

Be There For Your Kids

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The most important part of our lives is our kids and it is equally important to be a part of their lives.

Being present for them and with them is a very significant part of their healthy mental growth. And the stepping stone towards the bond that you want to create with your kids. Showing care by getting involved in their day to day activities is very critical – share a hobby with them, read books together, help them with their homework or with their science projects; there are very smaller things that can be done to show your participation or encouragement towards them.

Create memories:

Getting involved in your child’s life has a lot of rewards; it not only helps them feel valued but you also create memories, have great conversations, a deeper relationship with your child and the chance to watch your child grow into a healthy, responsible adult.

Dedicate a together time:

Establish a regular daily/weekly routine of doing something special with your child. Going out for a walk, getting some ice cream, or even having a conversation while you’re cleaning up after dinner can help you open your lines of communication. This is essential to ensure a trust worthy bond helping them to confide about their problems/issue with you.

Regular family outings:

It is important to spend time with your kids outside the home, helping them become more interactive and social toward their behavior.

Family Meals:

Family meal time provides a great opportunity to talk about the day’s events, to unwind, reinforce and bond with your kids. Studies show that kids who have meals with their families at least 5 times per week are much less likely to be involved with drugs or alcohol.

Be there for your children; try being friends with their friend’s and their parents too. This will help you build stronger bonds with your kids. Ask them about their day, the activities they did, who they were with.

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