Tips for Soon to be Dads

Date Of Release: 2019-01-19
Written By: Growin Dad

Tips for Soon to be Dads

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Hello there soon to-be fathers. Before you jump into your 'daddy role', you must first acquaint yourself with how you can help your partner through the pregnancy. Here are some tips that can come handy. Some might be actually tough; others will just require you to keep your laziness aside.


1. Handle her mood swings:

If her PMS mood swings scared you, you might want to sign up for a yoga class to calm your mind now. The hormonal changes in your wife might make her love and hate the same things at the same time. Just stay calm and let her know you are by her side always.


2. Pamper her, but not too much

Yes, she definitely needs some pampering. While she is having a baby form inside of her, it's your job to provide her whatever she craves for. However, this does not mean you do not let her raise even a finger. Exercise is a must and your partner must remain as active as possible during the entire pregnancy term, unless, of course, the doctor advises the opposite.


3. Sexual cravings or not so much

If you are lucky, the hormonal changes in your partner will make her want to have sex more often. But sometimes women prefer to follow absolute celibacy due to the high discomfort levels during pregnancy. Expectant fathers too have different reactions to sex while their partners are pregnant. First-timers might be too nervous, thinking they might hurt the little one inside. Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe and your baby is well protected. Partners should discuss their sexual needs with each other. Let the Cupid hit you again after consulting your gynaec.


4. Accompanying your partner to the doc's is a must

When it comes to pregnancy, hospitals may become your third most visited place after home and office, and rightly so. Your partner and baby need constant check-ups to make sure they are both doing well. If all is well, the doctor will call you only once a month during the first two trimesters. In the third, you will be called in every two weeks. All the visits are equally important and it is pertinent you accompany your partner each time. 


5. Preparing for the big day

It is advisable to prepare for the big day a few weeks in advance. Your hospital can provide you with a list of essentials your little pumpkin will need after it's born. It will be your job to ensure everything is in place and ready. 


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