Open Letter – from a Dad

Dearest Little Son,

You have grown up so quickly.  Feels like yesterday that

Date Of Release: 2019-01-19
Written By: Growin Dad

Open Letter – from a Dad

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Dearest Little Son,

You have grown up so quickly.  Feels like yesterday that I cradled your tiny new body in my arms. We both have grown, you into a carefree young man and me into a father with responsibilities. In this letter today, I will tell you the reasons I have had to miss so much of the wonderful time that I had rather spent with you, but instead was toiling at my job.

Dear son, your coming into my life has taught a few things about life. The most important among them is that you deserve the best and it is my responsibility to see that you get it so. Therefore, the only reason we missed each other’s company is because I wanted to ensure you got the best of everything.

I missed your birthday parties as I was earning the money that was needed to host it. I missed the annual days and the sports meet at school because I wanted to make enough to let you continue at the prime educational institution you are in. I missed the games we could have played together as I wanted to see to it that your future, even if without me, would be happy and safe

Nothing in the world can bring back the times, days and weeks I missed spending with you. But your smile makes all the sacrifices look trivial, for the most important thing is that you be happy.

Your’s Always,


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